• wideslider_image_455 Frick Computerized Warehouse Control Monitoring for Refrigeration
  • wideslider_image_456 We use RF Scanning Technology to Track Inventory
  • wideslider_image_457 Every Pallet in the Building Receives a Pallet ID and is Traceable Throughout Its Time in the Warehouse


Datex Footprint WMS System: Suffolk Cold Storage Datex Footprint WMS system has been customized to allow us to track customer’s product to their specifications.

RF Scanning: We use RF scanning technology to track inventory; every pallet in the building receives a pallet ID and is traceable throughout it time in the warehouse

EDI Transactions: These are the EDI transactions that we can share with customers to eliminate manual data entry

846         Inventory Reporting

856         Advance Shipping Notice

940         Warehouse Shipping Order

943         Inbound Receipts

944         Receipt Confirmation

945         Warehouse Shipping Advice

947         Warehouse Adjustment Advice

Customized Inventory Reporting: Our system will allow us to customize reports for each of our customers

Customer Access Portal: Customers can log in and get real time inventory information

Disaster Recovery System: Suffolk Cold Storage is backup to the Highjump Cloud so that no data is ever lost

Frick Computerized Warehouse Control Monitoring for Refrigeration: Our refrigeration system can be monitored from anywhere in the world and can be ran remotely